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Information stored in cookies

The website uses cookies for the following things when you're not logged in:

  • Understanding how people use our website - the type of routes that people take through the site and how long they tend to spend on each page. This is done without identifying who you are. Cookies named "__utma", "__utmb", "__utmc", "__utmz" and "__utmmobile" are used by Google Analytics for this purpose.
  • Remembering whether you've seen the informational cookie banner. The cookie named "CakeCookie[CookieWarning][seen]" is used for this.

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  • Remembering your login username, if you choose to use that function. This is stored inside a cookie named "Session".
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The website session stored on the server is used to store information about your visit to the website, to enable it to work properly. Without a session, you'd have to log in on every single page that you visited. The following information is stored in your session:

  • Who you are
  • When you last visited a page on the website - so we can calculate how long you've been inactive for on the website (so we can log you out when you've been inactive for a while)
  • The contents of your basket in the shop

Blocking cookies

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